No Waste!

Straws are wonderfully convenient. Especially our 100% biodegradable and home-compostable straws made from plant-based products. Ditch the problematic single-use plastics and soggy paper straws. If you wouldn't eat it, why would you put it in your mouth anyway?

No Plastic, Just Fantastic!

Our Straws

Gulp, sip, or stir? No wrong answers here, folks.
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    5.9" Cocktail Straw

    5.9" Cocktail Straw

    Regular price $24.99 / 1,250 straws
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straw
    7.75" Jumbo Straw

    7.75" Jumbo Straw

    Regular price $19.99+ / 600 straws
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ANU Way of Living

Enjoy the convenience of single-use drinkware without the guilt, while using the greatest and latest innovation in drink-sipping technology: 100% biodegradable food-grade straws made entirely from 100% biodegradable food-grade ingredients.

We’re ANU, and we have very cool tricks up our sleeves. And we do all of this from Montana, that beautiful state in the Rocky Mountains full of jaw-dropping vistas of prehistoric glaciers, bears, bison, and oversized-belt-buckle-wearing tourists blissfully unaware of the dangers.


    Single-use plastics increasingly litter our lands, our oceans, and our bodies. (Not-so-fun fact: The average American consumes a credit card worth of toxic microplastics every week.) Let's fix that.

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    Frequent ANU queries. We've done all the work, sat in front of a mirror and asked ourselves some hard-hitting questions. Then, we answered them. Check it out and see if you too had a question frequently asked.

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    If you have a question about our drinkware, what home compostable means, can't remember a song lyric or had a shower thought on polar ice caps, give us a shout. We'll pass the mic to Tony and he will be happy to chat.

"The best products available! Saving the environment rules!"

-Louis E.