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Don't throw it away. Put it in your compost. It will compost in about 120 days. However, if you accidentally throw it in the trash or lose it on the side of the road, that might be a bit thoughtless of you but it will still biodegrade harmlessly.

No. You compost them. Think of it as recycling without putting it in a bin, having it picked up by a truck, transported to a sorting facility, sorted and sold to a manufacturer, and processed into more disposable stuff to buy. Instead of becoming another thing to buy or being made into plastic grass, it becomes real and healthy soil for your plants - and real grass. Did that clarify anything?

Some bioplastics are finicky about the conditions in which they will compost, and therefore only biodegrade properly at industrial facilities. You probably have one of those clear to-go cups that says "compostable" on it somewhere near the bottom of your compost pile - and it's likely been there for 10 years, unchanged. Thankfully ANU made significant advances in those ten years and our straws made with PHA will completely biodegrade into usable soil in 120 days or so in your home composter.

No, ANU straws will not dissolve in hot water. If you’re consuming drinks that are hot enough to melt a straw—of any kind—think of your tastebuds, and add an ice cube before taking a sip.

PHA (PolyHYdroxyAlkanoate) is a class of biopolymers that provides a renewable and biodegradable alternative to fossil fuel-based plastics. PHAs degrade harmlessly in soil or oceans, offering a natural solution to our need for plastic-like materials. PHAs are an effective way to use nature's toolbox to sustainably tackle some of the world's most pressing health and pollution challenges.


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