Only 6% of plastic is ever recycled, and single-use plastics now litter our lands, our oceans and—yikes—our bodies. Our straws don’t use plastic. We use plant-based agricultural products in our drinkware, supporting local and sustainable farming. From farm to table to biodegrading and enriching the soil in your garden, ANU is doing good by the earth. Bottom line: Better for the environment is better for you.

Plastic Sucks

Enjoy the taste without the waste. Wasteful is distasteful.

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Why we started

Anthony was working in his garden when he looked at the pile of plastic being dumped into the environment, and even something as benign as his garden was making it worse. So he went to work, teaming up with Tony, a materials scientist. They started ANU.

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What's Different

ANU makes more sustainable products while creating better jobs in our community and supporting better farming practices, fostering both healthier people and a healthier planet. Some industries lack any sense of corporate responsibility, polluting our air, land, and water without a second thought. The petroleum and chemical industries-producers of plastics-are among the worst offenders. They extract and pollute; we restore and regenerate. Our straws are simply better than theirs in every way.


Our straws are made with PHA, an innovative bio-based and biodegradable material made entirely from plants.

Try em' for yourself

  • anu-cocktail-straw-bg
    5.9" Cocktail Straw

    5.9" Cocktail Straw

    Regular price $24.99 / 1,250 straws
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straw
    7.75" Jumbo Straw

    7.75" Jumbo Straw

    Regular price $19.99+ / 600 straws
  • anu-cocktail-straw-case
    5.9" Cocktail Straw Case

    5.9" Cocktail Straw Case

    Regular price $149.99 / 10,000 straws
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straw Case
    7.75" Jumbo Straw Case

    7.75" Jumbo Straw Case

    Regular price $99.99+ / 6,000 straws

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