• 7.75" Jumbo Straw
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straw
  • 7.75" Jumbo Straw

7.75" Jumbo Straw

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/ 600 straws

Our New Home Compostable Straw. 

7.75" Straw - Unwrapped - 600 / Carton

7.75" Straw - Wrapped - 375/Carton

7.75" Straw- Black Unwrapped- 600/Carton

7.75" of pure sipping power, this home compostable straw will deliver your beverage from container to lips without falling apart or polluting the planet. Take the double win. These straws come wrapped or unwrapped. Unwrapped are perfect for cool handed baristas or wrapped for the soft drink daily drivers.

  • Virtually eliminates the uncomfortable anxiety of looking at a delicious beverage and wondering, “How do I get this liquid into my mouth?”
  • The perfect diameter to exercise your social media-savvy lip-pucker pose.
  • Delivers carbonated drinks directly to your palate’s pinpoint of ultimate satisfaction.
  • Flexes on those fools sucking on plastic lids and straws! Sup fools!?
  • Loves to go on rides in your car while politely preserving your clean interior despite that rude stop sign that jumped out of nowhere.
  • Also functions as a makeshift pacifier of sorts for loudly thirsty children when placed in a cup of liquids.
  • Did you get hit with a spitball? Oh it’s so on…
  • Fits into a can or bottle if you’re the fancy type.
  • 100% plant-based—zero plastic.
  • Home-compostable and ready to join your soil in just 120 days.
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"The best products available! Saving the environment rules!"

-Louis E.

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